Cookie Policy

This website's cookie policy is explained below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, sometimes encrypted, text files, which are stored on your computer when you visit websites. They are used to remember small pieces of information which allows the website to function properly. Cookies do not harm your computer. If you'd like to know more about cookies and how to control them, provides excellent information.

Who sets cookies?

Cookies can be categorised by who sets the cookie, and also by whom the cookie will be used. 1st party cookies are set by the website you are visiting and can only be read by the website 3rd party cookies are set by an organisation other than the owner of the website. For example, for analysing website performance, for linking to social media platforms, to enable a video to be watched, or for the purpose of advertising.

Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy currently operates on the basis of "implied consent", which assumes you are happy for us to use cookies in this way. If you are not happy with this cookie usage, then you can browse the site anonymously by using your browser's anonymous usage setting. You can also delete any cookies once you've looked through the site, or you can simply choose to leave the site. External websites - cookies can be set on your machine by external websites whose services are used on this site; for example, the sharing buttons that allow visitors to share content through social networks - such as LinkedIn, You Tube and Twitter. These third party domains connect these buttons on the relevant social networks and external sites and are likely to be collecting information about what you are doing all around the internet, including this website.


We use Google Analytics and 1and1 Analytics, who collect and store information about the pages visited, time spent on the site, method of navigation to the site, and clicks about visitor behaviour on our website. This data is not tied to any personally identifiable information. We do not collect or store your personal information (e.g. your name or address) and the information cannot be used to identify who you are. We simply look at aggregated statistics on how our website is used.

You can check the privacy and cookie policies of each of these external sites to see exactly how they use your information, and to find out how to opt out, or delete, such information.

How long do cookies last?

The length of time a cookie lasts varies, depending upon what they are used for. Session cookies are temporary and are only stored until you leave the website or when you close your web browser. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, last for a fixed time, defined within the cookie, and allow the website to recognise the device again when the user returns to that website on the same device.

How to manage cookies

You can manage how you use cookies using the settings in your web browser.